Don Quixote

Puppetry Designer and Director
Royal Shakespeare Company – 2018


“Ingenious puppets.”

Evening Standard


“The puppetry (take a bow Toby Olié) is superb and the lion gives a certain Lion King down the road a run for its money.”

The Times


“The gorgeous inventiveness of Toby Olié’s puppetry, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.



“Toby Olié’s work is certainly the added spice that works best, with beautifully-made lions, hilarious falcons and murdered sheep all featuring, wittily and winningly manipulated by the cast.”

A Younger Theatre


“Enlivened by an excellent two-man lion, a hawk, innumerable puppet cats and some horsing around by the horses.”

Theatre Cat


Venus and Adonis

Royal Shakespeare Company – 2017


“A beautifully-crafted theatrical gem. Who would have thought that one of the most enchanting and original productions to grace the stage of the Swan in recent years should come courtesy of five puppeteers.”


“It’s remarkable how subtle inclinations of the head, a sextet of manipulators working stealthy magic, can lend such detailed expressiveness to wooden impassivity.”
The Telegraph


“An opulent puppet show. For a puppet, wooden and unpromising on its own, is given hot-blooded, sensuous life when animated – with their enhanced expressiveness, they’re almost inherently erotic.”
The Stage


“The puppeteers evoke much gentle wit and comic gaiety through their seamless fluidity and inventive articulation. Adonis achieves a unique counter-metamorphosis – his character is more wooden than the animated puppet that represents him.”
The Reviews Hub


“The puppets are manipulated with a grace and accuracy, their movements telling the story with as much sincerity as Shakespeare’s words.”
Stratford Observer