101 Dalmatians

Puppetry Designer and Director
Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre – 2022

“101 Dalmatians is spot on – in every sense, with lifesize dalmatian puppets whose body language (bum-sniffing included) has been meticulously observed.”
The Observer

“Puppet designer and director Toby Olié’s spotty pooches are proper showstoppers.”
Time Out

“It’s no surprise that the puppets are the highlights of the show.

The Independent

“Full marks to puppetry designer Toby Olié who, with the help of disembodied heads and tails, creates the illusion that a full complement of spotted puppies is flooding the stage in the climactic sequence.”
The Times

“This puppyish, puppet-led musical based on Dodie Smith’s spotty dog story wins you over with sheer dazzle and bonkers invention.”
Evening Standard


Running Wild

Puppetry Co-Designer and Co-Director
Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre – 2016


“The highlight of the show is the magnificent puppets…things of never-ending beauty.”

Evening Standard


“This out-does both War Horse and The Lion King in the puppetry stakes. Animal magic.”

The Guardian


“The animals are so eye-catchingly brought to life. All remarkably lifelike and immensely articulate.”

Financial Times


“The puppetry is exquisite, with full-sized animals manipulated so they seem to breathe with documentary life.”

The Telegraph


“Amazing puppet animals…they are a joy to watch as they lumber, prowl and knuckle across the stage. Running Wild’s full sized puppet elephant is the absolute star of the show.”

Time Out