A Christmas Carol

Puppetry Designer and Director
Chichester Festival Theatre – 2015


“The puppetry is sublime. A huge WOW to everyone who makes these ghosts live.”

West Sussex County Times


“The night’s biggest revelation is just how brilliantly the puppets are used.
Marley, is an inspired, hugely-skilled creation; and so too is the Ghost of Christmas Past.
When it comes, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is every bit as chilling as you’d hope.”

Chichester Observer


“Wonderfully inventive staging, including some marvellous puppetry. Marley’s Ghost and the Ghost of Christmas Future, calls for some intricate synchronisation which is executed to perfection.”

Brighton Argus

“What makes this production truly outstanding is the creation and control of three distinctive puppets, expertly handled by their respective teams.

The appearance of the Ghost of Christmas Future instigates a sharp intake of breath from those watching, awe-inspiring and terrifying at the same time.”

The Reviews Hub

Running Wild

Puppetry Co-Designer and Co-Director
Chichester Festival Theatre – 2015


“This transporting show excels at the wondrous and surprising. It’s also startling beautiful, with astonishing puppetry and fresh, committed performances. Ambitious, imaginative and breathtakingly achieved.”

The Times


“The life-size animal puppets are extraordinarily expressive, especially Oona with her aspect of ancient wisdom and lithely eloquent trunk. It’s not to be missed.”

The Independent


“Magnificent life size puppets. Oona the elephant is so life-like that it is easy to forget she is merely the sum of several parts operated from within. Each movement so carefully choreographed, her character emerges in all its complexity.”

Chichester Observer