The Grinning Man

Puppetry Co-Designer and Co-Director
Bristol Old Vic – 2016
Trafalgar Studios – 2017

“The puppetry by Gyre & Gimble is superb.”
The Times


“Amazing to look at, with the best puppetry since War Horse.”
Mail on Sunday


“Best of all is the puppetry, notably an awe-inspiring wolf, half-human and half-marionette.”
Sunday Express


It certainly looks beautiful – whether in the achingly expressive marionette version of Grinpayne as a child or in the wonderfully moving Mojo, a skeletal grey wolf.
The Independent


“The puppetry is miraculous, ranging from a miniature re-enactment of Beauty and the Beast to a wolf so consistently lupine that only in retrospect do you realise that you have been bewitched.”
The Observer